Foga System offers an extensive range of aluminium profiles from standard to specialist solutions. The versatility of the system gives it the freedom to form solutions for a vast range of applications.


Profiles of all measurements and dimensions

Our aluminum profiles are available in all different sizes and dimensions, from 1 mm to 9 mm and any length. The most common profiles are stocked with us in Jonkoping, which guarantees fast deliveries.


Connectors for aluminum profiles

The couplings are the hub of our system and those that hold together the profiles. The couplings are available in all sizes to fit our various aluminum profiles.

Foga System

Flex - standard and specials

Flex is the home of our core profiles, forming anything from small standard frames to large fully bespoke structures. Standard or custom, the range offers endless flexibility.

The Flex profile range can accept panels with a maximum thickness of 9mm. Due to this extra depth, the system can accommodate a wide variety of panel materials, sitting into the groove or alternatively can be face mounted by securing with self-adhesive Velcro or magnetic tape.

Foga System

Fabric reinforces your brand

Fabrics provide a borderless solution, creating stunning results to maximise the impact of your message and brand.

We offer an extensive range of elegant and cost-effective profiles for use with tensioned fabric graphics. Using a silicone strip sewn onto the edge of the fabric, simply push the silicone into the channel to tension the image. This makes fabrics ideal for long or short term use – there is no need to dis-assemble the frame to replace the graphic. The fabric covers the entire front surface for maximum impact and the edge of the frame is visible in satin anodised aluminium.

We offer the option of cutting the frame to size – both straight and mitred cuts, or shipping in 5m stock lengths for you to manufacture yourselves.


Accessories for all needs

For all our profiles we offer a wide selection of FOGA accessories, which can be viewed in our online catalogue.