Foga System offers an extensive range of extruded aluminum profiles, ranging from standard- to special solutions. No solution is too difficult for our system. It is only the imagination that limits.


Profiles of all measurements and dimensions

Our aluminum profiles are available in all different sizes and dimensions, from 1 mm to 9 mm and any length. The most common profiles are stocked with us in Jonkoping, which guarantees fast deliveries.


Connectors for aluminum profiles

The couplings are the hub of our system and those that hold together the profiles. The couplings are available in all sizes to fit our various aluminum profiles.

Foga System

Flex - standard and specials

With Flex system we offer everything from standard booths to special solutions in aluminum. The possibilities are endless.

In Flex system you can use panels with a thickness up to a maximum 9 mm. Since the groove of the profiles is 9 mm you can use any panel material. The panel is placed in the groove or outside the profile with magnet tape or Velcro.

Foga System

Fabric reinforces your brand

Printing on fabric creates stunning images and exposes effectively your message and your brand.

With our profiles you can create elegant and cost-effective framework for fabric. Using a silicone strip which is sewn on the picture, presses the picture into the frame. From the front it is only the picture that is shown. From the sides is our anodized aluminum frame visible. Then, if necessary, replace the image is very simple and quick.

We can also offer cutting and mitred cutting of frames and can also deliver profiles on 5 meters length.


Accessories for all needs

To our profiles we have a wide selection of accessories for custom made designs. Read more in our catalogue.