We believe passionately in providing a high quality product with a friendly and responsive service to all our customers. With a dedicated and experienced team we’re committed to excellence in all areas of our business to achieve total customer satisfaction. We look forward to working together with you.

Foga System, Kapning

Efficient cutting of the highest quality

With dedicated CNC saws we offer fast, cost-effective cutting which is both accurate and of a high quality finish. Lengths cut with angled ends are also available. Typically we stock 5m lengths, but can work with profiles up to 6m in length for specialist orders.

Foga System, fräsning

Milling with high precision

We offer full length milling detail as an optional service to our standard profiles. Using CNC milling we can guarantee continuous, high quality and precision. Detail your requirements and let us do the modifications for you.

Foga System, montering

We can mounting – Installation and assembly

Do you require help assembling and installing your products? Our team has years of experience in these areas. We can also source and co-ordinate many other materials to deliver fully fabricated products such as glass cabinets.

Foga System, konstruktion

Visualize your ideas and solutions

Working closely with our customers we offer CAD services to help visualise and finalise your solutions. Using industry leading software, SolidWorks, designs are fully realised with both 3D modelling and 2D technical drawings.

Foga System, utveckling

Constantly developing and create news

We’re always looking for new ways to expand the possibilities of the system. Development is a core aspect of our work, ensuring the system is always ready to fulfil the requirements of our customers. Our goal is to be an engaged, active partner for you to work with on your projects, providing solutions to suit your individual needs.