FogasystemGraphics frames

Graphics frames

The FOGA System offers a variety of profiles for use with tensioned fabric. The fabric is attached to the system using a silicone strip (flat keder) sewn into the hem of the fabric. This slides easily into a channel built into the profiles, automatically providing the correct tension without the need for any tools.

Wide selection
Everything from single-sided, wall-mounted solutions with 01TX or 03TX, to 92TX and 43TX for double-sided solutions, and our largest profile 150TX which provides a depth of 150 mm between fabrics, allowing fabric graphics to be backlit with LED lighting.

The range of profiles for fabrics has been designed to cover a wide variety of uses and offers the best possible balance between cost, strength and flexibility for all situations. We also have a range of base plates for freestanding walls and graphic backdrops.

These solutions can be ordered in any size and colour.