We at Foga System specialise in curved solutions, often in the form of a cylinder. We are able to bend profiles to create curved structures, which are usually supplied in sections for easy assembly on site. There are special profiles, hardware and hangings for these solutions. They can then be fitted with suitable LED lighting.


Be different and stand out from the crowd. Build a curved wall or cylinder with a radius from 600 mm. Attach your graphic with Velcro or insert it in the profile’s groove. Create a lasting impression by suspending it from the ceiling.


Cubes can be made in various ways. One way is with 04TX, which creates seamless cubes. By extending the fabric all the way out to the corner, 04TX allows for a seamless look while being easy to mount. A cube with graphics on all six sides. It’s as easy as that! With 92LTX, a cube is created with graphics on both the inside and the outside. It’s perfect for larger constructions suspended from the ceiling, for example, where you want to create a 3D feel, e.g. together with lighting.

Display solutions

With our solutions, we can create the perfect stand to get your message across. A single or double-sided solution where you can either use vinyl, which is attached with a magnet, panels, which are attached with Velcro, or fabric, which is easily mounted in the profile. Whatever you do, it will be an attractive solution, painted in the colour of your choice. The display comes with base plates as desired and a brochure stand if required.

Curved fabric wall

Build a free-formed and free-standing wall. By way of an example, 43TX can easily be clad with Fabric on both sides. Base plates are fitted for extra stability. 43TX can be curved with a minimum radius of 1,000 mm.


Fabric wall flat screen

Upgrade your Fabric Wall to incorporate a flat screen. We offer flat screen hardware that integrates easily into the existing frame of 81TX and 150TX. LED lighting can also be installed in the Fabric Wall, which illuminates the flat screen from behind. The flat screen hardware can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on the size of the wall.


An exclusive demonstration or reception counter for environments that demand first-class design. The curved front panel provides an unbroken exposed surface of 900 mm high and 1,000 mm wide, and can be completed with a fascia panel that follows the curvature of the bench. The frame is based on FOGA’s unique profile system with strong, functional connectors. The Exxcurve is lightweight and can be transported in a flexible padded bag. The complete counter with shelf, panels and a bag weighs just 12 kg.


A classic in the FOGA range. This flexible system offers countless possibilities and can be assembled again and again in endless combinations. The solution can be fitted with shelves, spotlights, counters, etc., and is easy to disassemble for transportation and storage.


Exxstand is a simple, cost-effective way to clearly display your message in corridors and entrances. It is double-sided and can be supplied with a magnetic strip for quick and easy changing of messages. It comes with base plates and can be supplied in any colour and size.

Portable counters

We offer a wide selection of counters that can be designed to meet your needs. Not only are they made to measure, but they can be clad with Fabric or panels, in a straight or curved design, and with or without lighting installed. The smart design makes them easy to fold for convenient transportation and storage. Naturally, they can be provided with storage, with or without a lock.