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Tools and machines

Whether you wish to insert eyelets by hand or by machine, we can help you with the best on the market. If you have large series and require top quality eyeletting, we recommend one of our fully or semi-automatic machines.

For small and short series, the eyelet can be punched by hand. A hole punch is used to make a hole, and an eyelet tool is used to press the two parts of the eyelet together to reinforce the hole.
There are also several models of hand presses to facilitate eyeletting.
This method is too expensive and troublesome for mass production. Here, you can choose between semi- and fully automatic machines.

Semi-automatic eyeletting machine
The semi-automatic machine usually consists of a pneumatic (pressure lift driven/controlled) upper section which is activated by a pedal or push button. Both the top and bottom parts are positioned manually, and the operator activates the machine, which pushes them together.

Fully automatic eyeletting machine
For serial production of larger volumes – usually from around 50,000 eyelets/year – a fully automatic machine is preferable.
The machine feeds the tool with the top/bottom parts. All the operator has to do is to activate the machine with a pedal after positioning the fabric in the intended place.
Here, the eyeletting process takes around 2 seconds, greatly increasing productivity and reducing costs to a minimum.

We represent both Franz Miederhoff and Fepatex, for full flexibility, manual to fully automatic, from 10 mm to 40 mm eyelet size.