Here at FOGA system, a high level of professional expertise is everything. We believe in offering personal service and high quality down to the last detail. We can help you create creative solutions that stand out. We’re flexible and enjoy a challenge. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a design that needs to be realised.


Bending, our specialty
FOGA system specializes in bent solutions, often in the form of a cylinder. We have the ability to bend profiles and can then create arched structures which are usually supplied in sections for easy assembly on site. For these solutions there are special profiles, fittings and suspensions. They can then be equipped with suitable LED lights.

Drilling and punching

Holes where you want them
Our flexible machines allows you to get the processing you need. The profiles are delivered with correctly punched or drilled holes for the respective connection and needs.


High precision milling
Here at FOGA System, we offer longitudinal machining in our milling machine and guarantee high quality and precision. Order your profile with holes ready machined according to your drawing.




Effective cutting of the highest quality
We offer fast, cost-effective cutting of the highest quality in our machinery pool. We also turn in angles of your choice if required. Order in long lengths or order in pre-cut lengths. We can cut and handle profiles of up to 6 metres in our machinery pool.