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About us

Many of us played with LEGO© as children. So we know that our imagination is the only limit to what we can build. The same applies to FOGA System’s extensive range of extruded aluminium profiles.

Since 1965, FOGA has been offering solutions that are still used worldwide to this day. Whether it’s compact furniture solutions in Tokyo, Covid protection at Grand Central Station in New York or stylish illuminated graphics frames in Stockholm, FOGA has the solution.

Our head office, production and warehouse are located in Jönköping, Sweden. To meet the market’s needs, we also have FOGA System licensees in the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Japan and the US.

System solutions for every need
Our solutions revolve around the connector itself where, instead of welding, we join one profile to another. Flexible and fast, we are able to offer our customers ready-made solutions – both bespoke and standard. We have system solutions for every need, requirement and desire.

Our vision: 

With creativity we create
endless possibilities for our customers,
based on a sustainable future.

A distinguished history

We go way back – all the way back to 1965 – and that’s something we’re proud of. We got off to an early start with system solutions, and the FOGA System quickly became an internationally recognised brand, synonymous with quality.

In 2007, David Norburg, Magnus Norburg and Robert Agnehus took over the business. In 2011, Isy System and FOGA System merged.

Based in Jönköping, Sweden, FOGA System currently has a turnover of around SEK 25 million. We want to continue to grow and continue to be an internationally recognised brand for customers in need of a premium system in sustainable aluminium.