Wall60 – a more sustainable choice

FOGA Wall60 is a modular system that enables the construction of walls and booths such as trade show displays or shop-in-shop solutions, which are now manufactured from aluminium that consists of at least 75% recycled end-of-life aluminium, with full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

Every time you choose FOGA Wall60, you’re taking an important step to protect the environment. We strive to reduce our impact on the earth, not only by using recyclable materials, but also by making them reusable. This way, you are actively helping to reduce waste and conserve our natural resources.

A stable solution which can be set up in no time and clad with panels or fabric. Planning your solution is easy with this modular system. Easy to pack, assemble, dismantle and reuse. A whole host of different solutions can be built using standard modules. Graphics that have been adapted to standard modules can easily be reused.

By investing in our greener aluminium system, you show that you are aware of the importance of sustainability and take responsibility for the future. Be part of a change for the better and make a difference by choosing FOGA Wall60 – a small step towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Here you can fin more information about Wall60.