FogasystemSMART-Lift FRAME


SMART-Lift FRAME is delivered in a complete kit and it is very easy to assemble.

The banner can be easily changed without using an installation company or skylift. Cover plates that hide the top profile are included. SMART-Lift FRAME is delivered in any width up to 24 meters. Over 12 meters, 1 winch per side is used.

The SMART-Lift needs to be mounted on a flat surface. If the banner is to cover protruding fittings you will need to fit spacers to enable the banner to be hoisted up and down without colliding with the protruding parts.

Banner, spacers and any lighting are not included.

Outer dimensions of the SMART-lift FRAME
– Width = Image dimensions + 350mm
– Height = Image dimensions + 680mm

If the banner will be placed higher than 1.5m from the ground, it is recommended to switch to the SMART-Lift Extend. The SMART-Lift Extend has extended side profiles that make it possible to change the banner from the ground even if the banner is high above the ground.


Natural anodised aluminium profiles is supplied in 6 m stock lengths or can be cut to custom sizes. Recommended media: Net vinyl or Vinyl with 7.5-10 mm keder sewn on 4 sides. The SMART-Lift FRAME is adapted to the size of the banner.

Article number Name (bxh) Size SMART-Lift FRAME
012.300.200 SMART-Lift FRAME 3000x2000 Adapted from a banner 3000x2000 mm

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